Review of The Qaraq and the Maya Factor, novel by Stephen Weinstock

The Qaraq and the Maya Factor review


This book is very special. It’s about a group of souls, a spiritual union called Qaraq, that share karmic ties and try to work them out together. There are various characters whose many life-times and journeys are bound into one epic story, which was inspired by the One Thousand and One Night, aka Arabian Nights. And this made the novel even more interesting for me.

The novel has a complex and explicit storyline, so I believe it is well suited for patient readers who like to think about what they are reading and philosophise. Those who take time to read carefully and with good attention will, in my opinion, benefit greatly.

I like books that deal with past lives and this one reminded me of one of my long time favourites, The Seven Lives by Marcel Vanek, though the Quaraq and the Maya Factor explores so many more spiritual themes. And that’s what I found most unique about it – that it deals with other curious metaphysical, psychic phenomena such as soul split, telepathy, sudden OBEs and such.
Also, the characters don’t only experience their own past lives, but even each other’s past live moments at times. What I appreciated the most, however, was that sometimes the characters found themselves in other life forms such as plants or animals, or even mythological beings such as mermaids or mermen. I have never seen that in fiction before and enjoyed this approach. My favourite part was when one of the main heroine’s soul travels to the prehistoric period, where she was a wild dog who fell in love with another dog. This was simply adorable and one of the many original elements that this novel has. I also liked the unusual character names… Well I could go on and on praising this one-of-a-kind book, so perhaps I should just end here and add that I remain fascinated by it.