Coming Soon! My third novel and a stand-alone sequel to The Witch Within.


Mystical fantasy set sometime in the 16th century, somewhere in South Trentino, Italy




Berka grew up in the wild, secluded from human society and raised by her father, a hermit and healer. At the dawn of her fifteenth spring Berka meets a faun, a being from a different realm, who warns her about an upcoming danger. Though he was forbidden to visit her, the two simply can’t stay away from one another.
With the help of her spirit guide, Berka is about to discover a way to the faun’s realm, but instead finds herself endangered by a group of bandits. The threat deepens when the group’s leader establishes an alliance with evil spirits from the underworld. Berka’s father comes up with an escape plan but she doesn’t want to leave and so she finds another way to deal with the inevitable peril.

Throughout the adventurous tale, Berka also goes on a road of self-discovery. She learns to embrace the powerful aspects of her divine feminine as well as the inseparable bond to the masculine archetype.


Berka’s Grandparents, Talitha and Nathaniel are the two main heroes in my debut novel, The Witch Within, so The Goddess Within is considered a stand-alone sequel.
Both novels were deeply inspired by ancient European mythology, pagan philosophy, runes, sacred geometry and feminine mystique. However, in this book I also explored new themes such as multidimensional travelling or dealing with one’s shadow aspects.