Review of Corridors of My Mind

Corridors of My Mind - Mrs. Angel M.B. Chadwick

I like to delve into poetry from time to time and Angel M.B.Chadwick‘s book of poems was a pleasant break from fiction. It was dismal in places but on a whole I found it touching, sincere and true to its premise. I deeply appreciated that the author took me on a journey through her inner worlds, thoughts and insecurities. I admired her courage to speak her truth the whole time I was reading it.

I enjoyed the emotional flow of verses and the inner crisis the author expresses.

What am I living for?

What am I dying for?

What I can’t ignore alone at night

What am I wanted for?

Could I have wanted it more?
Lock the last secret window; my ghosts are preying upon me

I liked the metaphors and philosophy that makes you want to explore your own inner symbolism.

A wild, untamed immature fruit

The peel is fragile and the flesh rich with tenacity
The taste sweet with obnoxiousness

The juice fortified with energy

The other half enlarged, almost ripe

The flesh extremely soft, succulent

The peel denser

The juice bittersweet

I also appreciated the romantic bits amid the melancholia.

When rain pours with full moon and stars
When sparkling cores and shining glimmers bold

When glory leaps to seek, to be, to free
I will love you forever and a day

And on a whole, I found it heartfelt and inspiring!