Review of the Fractured Dream

Fractured Dream - Randall Garrett

The Fractured Dream was a lovely and exciting tale to read. It’s the kind of book you read in one breath because it’s very well written, funny and adventurous.
Story, the main character, is so complex and real that you instantly feel like you’re her friend and want her to decipher the riddle of her strange dreams and nightmares. But Story is not only a unique girl in our dimension, as we get to know later, she’s also someone very special in the realm of the fairytales!

The idea of the seemingly ordinary lake Sandeen being a portal to a dimension of myths and fairy tales is just lovely and so is the idea of a young girl learning about her past/present/dark self, ultimately trying to feel complete again. It’s exciting to learn that Story is in fact connected to a profoundly important hero from the Fairytale Land’s past and may in fact bring the salvation in the future.
What I found particularly exciting was the work with Story’s dark side/shadow, which eventually revives at one point in order to achieve good. The battle between good and evil is therefore not just black and white - it actually has a depth to it.

The novel explores various faces of love, being it the parental love, friendship and romance. There are so many beautifully drawn characters that I fell in love with and also enchanting sub-plots. My favorite was the love-story between Story and Nicholas, because it’s a love that transcends time and space, love that is spiritual as well as earthly passionate.
The growth of Story as a character is beautifully interwoven with the main plot. She develops to be stronger and more confident, but most importantly, she explores different fragments of her mysterious personality, some of which remain hidden until the end of the first book. And this left me curious about what happens next and definitely made me want to set on a new journey with her.