Review of The Doom of Undal

The Doom of Undal (Dragon Court #2) - Katrina Sisowath

The Doom of Undal is a follow up of the wonderful Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki and Katrina Sisowath once again surprises us with a unique take on human history. This time the author taps into the mystery surrounding ancient Egyptian and Greek deities, Hathor, Rhea and Cronus.
The novel weaves together powerful stories of these three main characters, starting when they were children, continuing after they part and resulting in their ultimate reunion.

As much as I adored both Hathor’s and Rhea’s journey and the intriguing view on the feminine mystique that was also present in Katina Sisowath’s previous novel, I found the Cronus character a particularly fascinating driving force. I have always been curious about this deity, the shadow aspect of ancient Greek mythology, as there were so many odd things written about him. And after reading this novel I began to view him in a whole new light. He’s a very interesting character who starts off as a likeable hero, but grows more in tune with his shadow aspect as the story progresses. The love story between him and Rhea is captivatingly chilling. They bond when they’re quite young and set off to a romantic destiny driven romance until things go awry. His future is foreshadowed as a dark one but I still hope that perhaps he would choose a path to light after all.

The ending of this novel is a true cliffhanger. It makes you want to read on, you feel like you need to know more. All together it’s a challenging take on mythology and history. The author clearly made a thorough research and I found her view on the legendary gods and goddesses, the myth of Atlantis and the enigma behind Thoth’s Emerald Tablets very refreshing.

I think Katrina Sisowath’s work is truly one of a kind. She writes unique atmospheric novels with masterfully built plots and characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read the next part.