Review of Redemption

Redemption: Supernatural Time-Traveling Romance with Sci-fi and Metaphysics - Jacklyn A. Lo

Redemption is a unique novel that blends sci-fi, history and philosophy. The story starts in the future but the reader eventually goes on a journey through different time periods in the past, from Stone Age to the Second World War, as the main character delves into various lifetimes of experiences.

The heroine, Ann is from the year 2045 and works for an AI department. She enjoys her work and bustling social life, though she feels that something is missing in her life, particularly because of a repetitive anxious dream about a spiral circling her in its ceaseless course. At the beginning of the novel, Ann is an atheist, however an open minded curious one and as the story unfolds, she begins to be more interested in faith and spiritual matters.

I found the story so interesting that I could hardly put it down. I identified with the main character and particularly enjoyed her relationship with her AI assistant, Rob who is not only a marvellously engineered program, but also her friend with whom she can philosophize about free will and God. I enjoyed the metaphor of us being gods of the artificial intelligence and its correlation to seeking our own creator.

Overall, I liked the philosophy behind the story, the idea of time-travel and multi dimensions, and the surprising twist in the end, which truly amused me.
It’s an inner journey, a spiritual quest for redemption through recognizing values in life such as freedom, love, courage and peace. I loved that the story is in fact set in the future and past and not in the present, it's a refreshing approach.

If you like mysticism, spirituality and visionary fiction, then this is really worth reading!