The Man (The Firebird Trilogy Book 1) - Emma Lear

Thoroughly enjoyed The Man, the first book of The Firebird Trilogy!


The Man tells a story about Gin, a girl who lives with a kind old candle-maker, and carves out candles for living. After a fire tragedy pulls them apart, Gin finds shelter in a safe house of the candle maker’s mysterious friend, Niall. In the safe house, Gin meets a group of people who share many secrets. And as time goes by, Gin becomes fatally attracted to Niall, her protector on the journey that’s to unfold…


I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found myself wrapped in its magic right away. I empathised with Gin, who is a very interesting, soulful heroine. Her romantic relationship with Niall is engaging since their very first meeting and their chemistry is quite irresistible. Gin’s dog friend, who is simply called Dog, is a cute character as well.


The novel blends romance with fantasy and dystopian genre, but is one of a kind in its own special way. I enjoyed Gin’s memories of her wise grandmother, through which the reader slowly unravels Gin’s past as well as anticipates her future lot. Being an astrologer, I also liked how the author plays with the fire element symbolism and astrological philosophy. I particularly liked the mention about the “Virgo maiden who spent so much time analysing life and its pieces that she forgot to live.”


I’d recommend this book to those who enjoy reading unique dystopian fantasy romance, but to everyone really, because it’s a really good one! And since this is the first part of a series, I look forward to read on.